Canada Lithium (TSX:CLQ) reported the results of an updated feasibility study for its Quebec Lithium mine and lithium carbonate processing facility that is currently under construction in Val d’Or.

As quoted in the press release:

NPV (pre-tax; 8% discount) at flat $5,875/t Li2COrevenue $318M $190M
NPV (pre-tax; 8% discount) based on Roskill market study $456M N/A
Initial Construction Capital Cost $207M $207M
LiOH and Na2SO4 Capital Cost $20M N/A
Avg. Opex ($/t Li2CO3 inclusive LiOH and Na2SO4 Opex) $3,194 N/A
Avg. Opex ($/t Li2CO3 net of LiOH and Na2SO4 credits) $2,328 $3,164
Avg. annual EBITDA with co-products $77M $55M
IRR flat $5,875/t Li2COrevenue vs. Roskill market study (%) 32 vs. 37 22
Simple Payback (years) <4 4
Avg. Annual Li2CO3 production 20,000t 20,000t
Avg. Annual LiOH production (2015) 2,000t N/A
Avg. Annual Na2SO4 production (2015) 30,000t N/A

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