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SQM: Lithium Price Up 10 Percent in Q1

SQM put out its Q1 results this week, and while the world's biggest lithium producer reported decreased revenues, there was a bit of good news for the lithium space. The company said the lithium price was higher for the quarter, noting that overall it expects it to be higher than it was in 2014.

Pure Energy Minerals Expands MOU with POSCO

Pure Energy Minerals announced that it has signed an expanded non-binding memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Korean Steelmaker POSCO. The new document expands the scope of an MOU signed last March to include other considerations such as the development of business relationships with potential customers and "consolidation with other lithium development properties/lithium producers."

Lithium Demand Will Grow Faster Than Bulls Imagine

Peter Epstein weighs in on the lithium market in light of the recent commotion surrounding Tesla's gigafactory. In particular, he shares his thoughts on Pure Energy Minerals and Dajin Resources.

What Ever Happened to Simbol Materials?

For over a year and a half, California's Simbol Materials proved up its proprietary extraction process at its demonstration plant, and said in mid-January that it had plans to construct a large-scale plant. However, things came to an abrupt halt when Simbol fired 38 workers from its demonstration plant in February.