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Chris Berry Weighs in on Lithium Supply and Demand Risks

Peter Epstein of Epstein Research interviews Chris Berry of the Disruptive Discoveries Journal. Berry touches on the current situation for lithium supply and demand, also covering possible risks on both sides of the equation.

SQM and Corfo Continue to Butt Heads

Following recent reports regarding SQM's arbitration proceedings with Chile's CORFO, SQM came out with more of its own side of the story this week. SQM published a release regarding the "Main Points of the Arbitration Proceeding Between SQM and CORFO," reasserting that has fulfilled all obligations relating to its lease agreement and has no outstanding debt with the government agency.

SQM Stock Still Down on News Chile Wants to Revoke Mining Leases

SQM fell no less than 13 percent during trading hours last Thursday following news that Chile is aiming to revoke the company's land concessions in the Atacama. According to Bloomberg, Santiago-based newspapers reported Thursday that Chilean investment agency Corfo is seeking to end an arbitration process over fertilizer and lithium leases, and is seeking to terminate contracts

Stormcrow Capital: ‘Lithium Prices Will Rise’

In case you missed it, Jon Hykawy's Stormcrow Capital put out a comprehensive report on the lithium industry last Friday. The report includes plenty of detail, right down to the mathematical formulas used to arrive at some of its conclusions. However, the overall theme is that increasing lithium demand alongside stable supply will lead to a higher lithium price.