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South Korea Interest in Argentine Lithium Escalates

As South Korea imports 97 percent of its energy and mineral resources, a strong move to secure a reliable lithium supply adds to the existing wave of Asian companies developing projects in the lithium rich salt lakes in the north of Argentina.

World’s Largest Lithium Producer Looking to Expand

The world’s largest lithium producer has indicated interest in the salar concessions for Salares Lithium, resulting in the conversion of over 39,000 Ha of concessions that cover the aerial extent of the brine lake from the current 'exploration' concessions to 'exploitation' concessions.

Lithium Batteries Powering Ten Percent of Autos by 2020

Driving strong demand for lithium battery adoption, a resent report has been published that suggests hybrid and electric cars may grab as much as 10 percent of the European automobile market by 2020.

Lithium Investors to Receive Good Karma

A lithium-ion battery from A123 Systems (NAS:AAONE) will power the world's first premium plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV), the Fisker Karma. The Karma will begin a two-month program that will stop in three Canadian provinces and 26 US states targeting 42 cities.

Lithium Investors Keen on New Federal Fuel Economy and Emission Standards

Lithium investors and many automaker stakeholders welcome the uniformity of a national standards, although the application of these standards are expected to raise the cost of vehicle production an estimated $434 per vehicle in 2012, and escalating to $926 per vehicle in 2016.

Lithium Ion Batteries Get a Recharge

“What you're looking for is lithium development companies that can play that role producing inexpensive battery grade lithium . . . It's companies similar to the ones we have under coverage like Western Lithium Corp (TSX-V:WLC), Rodinia Minerals Inc (TSX-V:RM) and Salares Lithium Inc. (TSX-V:LIT).”

It’s Not Easy Being Green

On a date in the calendar that normally experiences an increase in green consumption, everyone from leprechauns to lithium investors appear to be eager to participate. Perhaps riding on the theme of “the luck ‘o the Irish,” the Federal Reserve made a further commitment to keep rates low for the foreseeable future.