The Other Side of the Lithium Market

The Other Side of the Lithium Market

There's more to the lithium space than just batteries. Lithium Investing News spoke to Trevor Walker, president of Houston Lake Mining, to get some insight into his company's focus on more traditional lithium markets.

8 Top Lithium-producing Countries

The US Geological Survey has released its 2015 report on lithium, and Lithium Investing News took the opportunity to read up on the top lithium-producing countries of 2014.

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Simon Moores: Expect Supply Chain Focus for Megafactory Metals

Simon Moores of Benchmark Mineral Intelligence believes that the emergence of battery megafactories will put pressure on supply of graphite, lithium and cobalt. "What I would expect is more focus on the supply chain situation," he told Resource Investing News at VRIC.

Why Stria Lithium’s Latest Metallurgical Results Are So Important

Stria Lithium's president and CEO, Julien Davy, discusses the significance of recent metallurgical test results for the company. The results confirm that Stria can use lithium mineralization from its Pontax lithium project as feedstock for its new pilot plant.

Company News

Cobre Montana Produces Battery-Grade Lithium Carbonate From Cinovec

Cobre Montana Produces Battery-Grade Lithium Carbonate From Cinovec

Cobre Montana (ASX:CXB) completed initial metallurgical testwork for lithium, resulting in precipitation of battery grade lithium carbonate and a byproduct of sulphate of potash from a sample of Cinovec ore. Cobre Montana also reports that tailings from European Metals Holdings Limited (ASX:EMH) proposed tin/tungsten operations may result in operating costs descending well below the US$2000/t operating cost for the production of lithium carbonate.

Nano One Metals Begins Commercial Facility Design Study

Nano One Materials (TSXV:NNO) reported that NORAM Engineering and Constructors and BC Research have commenced work to provide a conceptual design and cost estimate for a commercial facility to produce lithium ion battery cathode materials. The company is receiving financial support from Canada’s National Research Council Industrial Research Assistance Program as part of a larger project funding agreement.

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Pure Energy Minerals CEO Robert Mintak Provides an Update on the Clayton Valley Lithium Brine Project

Pure Energy Minerals (TSXV:PE) CEO Robert Mintak spoke about the Clayton Valley Lithium Brine Project, located in Esmeralda County, Nevada - halfway between Las Vegas and Reno. According to Mr. Mintak, "In 2014, Pure Energy was able to successfully raise close to $4 million, which allowed us to begin exploration work on the project. Early drill results have shown promising lithium concentrations ranging from 230 to 400 parts per million. Additionally in 2014, Pure Energy was able to add additional management roles to the company including a new COO, Dr. Andy Robinson, PhD, Geoscientist with a history in water project development; and Alexi Zawadzki as VP of Business Development. Additionally, we added Prof. LeeAnn Munk, a world-ranking geoscientist on lithium brine resources."

Cobre Montana’s Adrian Griffin Talks Lithium in the Czech Republic

Cobre Montana (ASX:CXB) Managing Director Adrian Griffin is anticipating a Scoping Study for the Cinovec project in the Czech Republic, "within the next couple of months." He also said, "if you go back only 2 months, that project was considered a tin project; by applying the appropriate technology, we found that there is probably twice as much lithium value in that project as there is tin." Cobre Montana applied their licensed processing technology to extract lithium from the micas and achieved float recoveries of 98% and leach extraction of 99.5% lithium at Cinovec.

INN Video: Peter Secker of Canada Lithium

Canada Lithium (TSX:CLQ) President and CEO, Peter Secker, spoke with the Investing News Network at PDAC in Toronto on the Quebec Lithium Project.

Market News

Lithium-ion Battery Manufacturing Costs Falling Faster Than Expected

In the latest note from Benchmark Mineral Intelligence, Simon Moores discussed falling manufacturing costs for lithium-ion batteries. Costs are five years ahead of schedule relative to International Energy Agency (IEA) forecasts from 2011, with costs falling at an average of 14 percent per year since 2000.

Apple Looking to Break into Electric Vehicle Market

Benchmark Mineral Intelligence reported that Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) is being sued by A123 Systems Inc. (ETR:ALC), a lithium-ion battery producer, for stealing its employees to set up a new battery division.

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